We offer free freight audits
We offer free freight audits


MS-Transportation has emerged as one of the most reliable freight shipping service providers. We not only cater to the individual shipping requirements of our clients but also make it much affordable as compared to any other company. Depending upon your needs you can choose one of our available freight shipping methods.

Low Cost LTL Shipping Service Seattle

Many companies would offer you freight shipping services but MS-Transportation stands out in its affordable LTL (Less than Truckload) shipping service. You can easily avail this service by telling us about the merchandise you want to get delivered. The LTL service would certainly allow you to save your budget as you would be paying only for the occupied space on the carrier. The remaining space will be covered by other occupants of the carrier. Thus, you can benefit from our matchless and admirable LTL shipping service Seattle.

The price of freight shipped through our LTL shipping services will depend upon the following factors:

  • Distance from the Location
  • Size, weight and dimension of the item shipped
  • Deadline for the shipment.
  • Type of the item shipped.

The stress of paying a huge amount for your small commodity as of less than 15000 pounds is relieved by us. Now you can easily get these small items shipped with the same perks of an enclosed ground shipping. Your freight will enjoy the same level of safety and care that a full truck shipping service does. Above all, you will only be paying an amount according to the size and weight of the freight and not for the whole carrier.

At MS-Transportation, we completely realize the importance of your freight to you. That is why, we never compromise over its safety during LTL shipping Seattle. In addition, we make the process much convenient and easy to follow. We make use of labeling techniques to distinguish your freight from the rest on the trailer. In this way, there will be no chances of your shipment getting misplaced or mishandled.

Air Freight services Seattle

Availing the most affordable and the fastest way of freight shipping can ensure business growth. You can avail our commendable and high-end air freight services Seattle.  Regardless of the type of merchandise you want to get shipped, our guaranteed air freight shipping service will give you a hassle-free shipping solution. Needless to say, you will get any kind of merchandise delivered sooner as compared to other methods. Thus, you should never neglect the worth of an air freight shipping service.

MS-Transportation assures its clients that their merchandise will be under the inspection of our vigilant executives. Proper labeling and safety measures would be taken during the process. We have all the facilities to get your items packed in an effective way. In this way, the chances of your freight getting mishandled or misplaced are minimized. You don’t have to take the sweat worrying about the price of our Seattle air freight. You will get the best affordable rates for all kinds of freight shipping methods available at our company, including the air freight.

So, never delay contacting us for an affordable as well the fastest freight shipping method.